Taylor Gibson-Olsece

Real Estate Consultant

ADDRESS: 16759 Marsala Springs Dr. Round Rock, TX 78681

OFFICE: 512-238-6400


I grew up and currently still live in the beautiful city of Round Rock, Texas. Over the past the past twenty plus years I have witnessed the growth and explosion of not only Round Rock, but the surrounding areas as well. I am still blown away by the rapid expansion and development of our residential, commercial, and roadway infrastructures. With the increasing number of people deciding to reside in the beautiful city of Austin and surrounding areas, the need for savvy real estate professionals is in high demand. I am proud to say, I am a member of a team of such realtors.

I was blessed with the opportunity of following in my father’s footsteps in the real estate industry. After watching him grow and perfect his craft, I have been able to expand and broaden my own trade. Since starting my career in real estate, I have led and assisted in the sale of homes in all price ranges. From starter homes and higher end properties to downtown condominium, ranch properties, and foreclosures. I take pride in my flexibility, low pressure sales approach, my negotiation and analytical skills, ability to accurately price and market a home, as well as my ability to listen and hear what a client is searching for.

Another passion I have in this diverse industry is for investment properties and remodeling. I am enamored with the idea of making something broken and worn down, look new and desirable again. I love the creativity and imagination that is required to see a properties potential growth and room for improvement. This goes hand and hand with helping my clients find the best and smartest long-term investment in a home. 

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